• 3 floors
  • 11 rooms
  • 22 persons
  • 16 beds
Zalensu Valley Map

Yard of Crafts

Yard of Crafts situated in the backwoods is at the beginning of the Zalensai Entertainment and Recreation Valley. Farmstead with a very large yard is a place, where a large group of craftsmen from various countries gather every year. Spacious and beautiful environment will be perfect for various celebrations, seminars, trainings or leisure.

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Yard of Crafts is situated near Zalensai Farmstead, surrounded by the forest, green lawn and a spacious yard. Every year, various artists’ plenaries are taking place there. The Yard of Crafts will also suit those, who are searching for a spacious place for baptism, family celebrations or company events.

 Rooms: 11
 Washrooms: 14
 Showers: 10
 Hair dryer
Car parking lot
Late check-out before 2 PM
Air conditioning in the banquet hall
Sound system (non-professional)
Seminar equipment
Chair covers
Renting double kayaks
Shooting with a pneumatic gun
Orientation competitions

Farmstead Yard of Crafts has 11 rooms, which can accommodate 22 participants of your celebration at once. A cosy interior and all of the necessary commodities create a perfect atmosphere for resting. The rooms in the farmstead have 6 double and 10 single rooms as well as are equipped with 9 shower cabins and 9 WC.

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  • 1 room – 3 persons (1 double bed and 1 single bed)*
  • 1 room – 3 persons (3 single beds)*
  • 2 rooms – with 2 places in each (2 single beds)**
  • 2 rooms – with 2 places in each *
  • 5 rooms – with 2 places in each)**

* WC and shower are shared with another room (1 WC and shower for two rooms)
** Separate WC and showers are provided in all of the rooms.

Following the indicated plan of the rooms, the farmstead accommodates up to 22 people

Banquet and conference halls

Farmstead Yard of Crafts, equipped with a stylish banquet hall will be perfect for various family celebrations or gatherings of friends. Banquet hall holds up to 30 people. This place is also great for organising bachelor and bachelorette parties.

This farmstead is also often chosen by the representatives of various companies, who want to change their working environment, organise trainings or seminars. Therefore, first floor of the farmstead is equipped with a comfortable seminar and conference area together with all of the necessary equipment. The hall can host up to 120 people.


Those, who are willing to take a break from a daily routine and work are invited to come with their family or friends. For your convenience, we offer 11 rooms, so you can find the one, closest to your heart. We are also offering catering services (it should be agreed in advance).


Double room - from 30 €/night

Single room - from 27 €/night

Breakfast, lunch or dinner - from 4 €/person


The farmstead has its own internal regulations, which need to be followed during the stay. Before coming to rest and entertain, please, get acquainted with them. Upon arrival, we shall sign Order confirmation – agreement.

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Useful information

You are welcome to come to the farmstead from 6 PM.
For your convenience, late check-out before 2 PM is offered for our guests.
You will also find a spacious car parking lot, situated near the farmstead.
Large yard.
We can also offer a host and organiser for the event. See more: http://www.gintarorenginiai.lt/


The price for renting the farmstead starts from 500 €, while catering for one person is from 30 €. The prices may vary depending on the season. The price includes bedsheets, towels and other conveniences. An additional fee is taken for renting the dishes (if you are renting the farmstead, but order the catering somewhere else). If necessary, you can additionally order chair covers, sauna or Jacuzzi.

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Price for renting the farmstead during the season (from May to October):

  • On work days – 600 € without catering.
  • On weekends and holidays – 1000 € without catering.

Price for renting the farmstead after the end of the season (from October until May):

  • On work days – 500 € without catering.
  • On weekends and holidays – 800 € without

The price includes:

  • Bedsheets and towels in the rooms
  • Car parking lot
  • Sound system (non-professional)

Additional fee:

  • Chair covers: 2-3 €/pc
  • Sauna: 100 €/3 hours
  • Jacuzzi: 100 €/3 hours
  • Renting double kayaks: from 15 €/day
  • Archery: 30 €/1.5 hours
  • Shooting with a pneumatic gun: 30 €/ 1.5 hours/250 bullets
  • Orientation competitions: from 150 €.

Paid entertainment, provided by our partners:

  • Flying in a paraglider

Note: all of the prices are indicated without VAT

We will take care of a summer houses rent and your pleasant stay:

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