Zalensu Valley Map

May Outing Valley

Zalensai farmsteads are connected with a beautiful natural trail, which is decorated with even more stunning wooden carvings. Walking down this path will cover everyone with an aura of romance and peacefulness.

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Zalensai Farmstead

Zalensai Farmstead was established in 1996 and renovated in 2016. It is equipped with 18 rooms, therefore, it can accommodate 80 people at once. The farmstead is only 45 kilometres away from Kaunas.

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Farmstead Pas Pinčiuką

A middle-sized farmstead, situated on the picturesque river bank of Dubysa, will be suitable to those, who want privacy and cosy celebration. This farmstead can accommodate up to 44 guests. The farmstead and its environment are decorated with unique handmade wood carvings.

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Yard of Crafts

Yard of Crafts situated in the backwoods is at the beginning of the Zalensai Entertainment and Recreation Valley. Farmstead with a very large yard is a place, where a large group of craftsmen from various countries gather every year. Spacious and beautiful environment will be perfect for various celebrations, seminars, trainings or leisure.

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Campsite Dubysa

Campsite Dubysa will allow experiencing a unique connection with nature. The campsite is situated near the river bank, at the end of the kayak route, and will be perfect for resting from the city bustle with friends or cosily as a couple. It is also a great space for the large company celebrations in the open air.

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