Zalensu Valley Map

Entertainment in Zalensai

Zalensai Entertainment and Recreation Valley is a place in a wonderful valley, surrounded by nature, where everyone can regain their strength, take a break from the routine and revitalize a tired body and mind. Dubysa, flowing by the shores of the valley, is one of the most popular and beautiful rivers in Lithuania, with its wooded slopes and the floodplain meadows. With medium torrents and pits, this river is preferred by the water sports lovers as well as families with children. For this reason kayaking trips are suitable for everyone, who wants to enjoy the beautiful nature, surrounding the river. Those, who like active leisure, can play basketball, volleyball or football. Moreover, you can participate in orientation competitions, seasonal hunt, archery or shoot with a pneumatic gun.

Renting kayaks in Dubysa

Five different routes for kayaking will be suitable for the most demanding customers. You only have to rent the kayaks and all of the organisational matters will be taken care of, so the guests will only have to enjoy this trip. Those, who want to continue resting in the natural surroundings after the kayaking, can relax in the sauna or hot tub in the campsite as well as stay overnight in the house, situated in the same campsite.

Orientation competitions

When visiting us, you can gather a group of friends and have some interesting activities in a fresh air, surrounded by nature. You will have to be observant and clever, but the whole experience will fill you with good emotions and memorable experience. There are several types of routes, based on their complexity.
Size of the company: 6-30 people
Price: from 200 €. Depending on the amount of people and the complexity of the route.
You will have to take: comfortable footwear and clothing
It can be organised in any weather
Duration: 1-2.5 hours. Depending on the amount of people and the complexity of the route.

Archery and shooting with a pneumatic gun

If you want some extreme experience, we suggest you to try your hand and accuracy when shooting with a pneumatic gun and those, who want to remember their childhood, can choose archery to stationary targets. We will teach you how to use the inventory and will introduce the weapons. Both types of entertainment are carried out outside, when the weather is good.


  • Shooting with a pneumatic gun to stationary targets - 40€/1.5 hours/ 250 bullets.
  • Archery to stationary targets - 40€/1.5 hours.

Entertainments organised by our partners


Seasonal hunt

Animal and bird hunting is organised during the season. The service is provided by UAB Oksalis. Contact phone

+37068717125 (Gytis)