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About Zalensai

United, hard-working and committed – these are the best words to describe Zalensai family. Love for work and seeking to improve have been leading the family business forward for 20 years now. Everything started in 1996, when Roma Zalensienė got an idea to establish the first farmstead in the incredibly beautiful Dubysa valley, which was symbolically named after the family.

Currently Zalensai Entertainment and Recreation Valley consists of three different sized farmsteads, exceptional May Outing Valley and Campsite Dubysa. Those, who want to spend time on the shore of Dubysa by themselves, can stay in their personal tents. Around 3000 people may be hosted in the whole complex at the same time.

The first steps are reminded by a small notebook with leather covers, which included the first clients, the most important events and learned lessons.

As the years gone by, the son of Zalensai, Irmantas and daughter Erika also spent their childhood here. Since they started loving this beautiful place of nature right from the beginning, they could not imagine their future anywhere else. Therefore, they chose studies, which would be perfect for applying the acquired knowledge in order to help the family business to improve and develop.

Currently, Zalensai Farmstead complex is intensively managed by Eimantas and Roma Zalensai, daughter Erika and son Irmantas with his wife Simona. All of them are not only a harmonious and united family, but also closely cooperating colleagues, who have the main value – a person.

Therefore, every day they are doing everything so that every guest would feel as if he is at home, would be surrounded not only by the inspiring nature, but also by the exceptional attention. The view of the Zalensai Farmstead owner to a hobby which became their business, attracts new and loyal guests as well as more and more businessmen, who organise seminars, trainings and important meetings.

Within 20 years of existence, the farmstead was visited by a great number of clients, who can say only nice words about this extraordinary valley of Dubysa and each time they visit this place, they understand that a friendly communication with Zalensai family and their professional attitude are very important. For that reason, every year, more and more people entrust the most beautiful celebrations of their life to Zalensai family.

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