Zalensu Valley Map

How to arrive to Zalensai

Zalensai Entertainment and Recreation Valley can be easily reached when travelling from Kaunas, Vilnius or Klaipėda. The farmstead is situated in Padubysys village (Kaunas district), in a peaceful place, surrounded by the forest, on the shore of Dubysa River.

Zalensai Entertainment and Recreation Valley

Dubysos g. 10, Padubysio k., Vilkijos apyl. sen. LT - 54205 Kauno r.

Renting the farmstead:

 +370 686 33 209
 +370 686 33 208

Renting kayaks and the campsite:

 +370 687 49 385


GPS coordinates of the homestead:

Zalensų sodyba:
55.111981, 23.473616

Pas pinčiuką:
55.111604, 23.469580

Amatų kiemas:
55.112050, 23.474929

Stovyklavietė "Dubysa":
55.121912, 23.477544

Gegužinių slėnis:
55.111391, 23.472289

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