• up to 1000 people
  • up to 500 people
Zalensu Valley Map

May Outing Valley

Zalensai farmsteads are connected with a beautiful natural trail, which is decorated with even more stunning wooden carvings. Walking down this path will cover everyone with an aura of romance and peacefulness.

At the end of the path there is a May Outing Valley, inviting to entertain and enjoy life. This place will be perfect for calendar and other celebrations.

Natural amphitheatre, submerged in the nature, excellent acoustics and hundreds of seats will host a great group of guests

Information about the valley
May Outing Valley hosts: up to 1000 people
Places on the benches in the amphitheatre: up to 500 people
Price: 5 €/person/without VAT
2 big arbours: each of them hosts up to 50 people
1 small arbour: hosting up to 10 people
1 arbour – bar
Stage with a roof
3 outdoor washrooms
Car parking lot
Football gate and place for volleyball
1 fireplace
A huge space, surrounded by the forest
Includes electricity
Environment is decorated with wood carving
Exceptional features of the valley

In the open air, surrounded by the forest and beautiful sculptures, especially spacious May Outing Valley attracts hundreds of guests to various celebrations and concerts every summer. With the sounds of music, a huge dance floor is perfect for a large group of dancers. Company celebrations, various rallies and gathering are taking place here every year, during which up to 1000 people can have a good time together.

Stage with a roof
The place is adjusted to live concerts and the celebrations become even more fun.

Places in the amphitheatre
The valley is suitable for organising especially large events, hosting up to 1000 people.

Groups of friends can sit more remotely, enjoy the sound of music and eat some snacks.

Nature trail
Taking a walk in the beautiful nature trail will make you peaceful and relaxed.

We will take care of a summer houses rent and your pleasant stay:

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