• 4 rooms
  • 20 persons
  • 10 beds
  • up to 2000 persons
Zalensu Valley Map

Campsite Dubysa

Campsite Dubysa will allow experiencing a unique connection with nature. The campsite is situated near the river bank, at the end of the kayak route, and will be perfect for resting from the city bustle with friends or cosily as a couple. It is also a great space for the large company celebrations in the open air.

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There are several ways to stay here: by choosing the campsite house, situated right by the river bank, camper van, exceptional barn or in a personal tent. Some additional entertainment is swimming in the river, sauna or hot tub. Nearby, you will find conveniently located arbours with fireplaces, where you can light up a fire and enjoy your stay.

During the season, a spacious territory of the campsite can be used to organise especially large events in open air. These events can hold up to 2000 people.

Arbour can seat up to 100 people at once.

 Rooms: 4
 Washrooms: 5
 Showers: 3
Car parking lot
Large outdoor arbour with a multifunctional stove and electricity for up to 40 people.
5 small outdoor arbours with fireplaces for up to 14-16 people.
Sound system (non-professional)
Place for tents
Basketball court
Volleyball court
Hot tub
Renting double kayaks
Shooting with a pneumatic gun
Orientation competitions
Seasonal hunt
Rooms in the house and camper van

The house in the campsite with 3 rooms can accommodate up to 16 people:

  • No. 1 - 4 double beds and WC
  • No. 2 - 4 single beds
  • No. 3 - 2 double beds

The house has 2 washrooms, shower, mini fridge, sound system (non-professional) with sauna and area near the sauna.

A camper van nearby can additionally accommodate up to 4 people. The camper has electricity, water, mini fridge and washroom.


Guests may also choose an authentic barn – separate house near the campsite: without electricity and water supply. It also has an outdoor washroom.

The barn is surrounded by the forest, right by the Dubysa River. Here, you will find 2 rooms and a common space in the attic for sleeping. The barn can accommodate up to 14 people.


The farmstead has its own internal regulations, which need to be followed during the stay. Before coming to rest and entertain, please, get acquainted with them. Upon arrival, we shall sign Order confirmation – agreement.

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Useful information

You will also find a spacious car parking lot, situated near the campsite.
Those, who like active rest, can check out the volleyball and football courts as well as basketball board.
If the weather is good, your celebration can also take place in the arbours, established outside.
The broad area is also suitable for large gatherings.


The prices for the campsite may vary, depending on the season. The camping fee includes: free car parking and the guests may use the volleyball and football courts as well as basketball board free of charge. The group is assigned an arbour with a fireplace and can use 2 common washrooms with water supply and 2 common showers with hot water. The campsite also has very tasty drinking water.

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Price for renting the campsite during the season (from May to October):

House of the campsite

  • The whole house of the campsite (up to 16 persons) - 370 Eur/night. The house has 3 rooms, area near the sauna for the whole evening and a sauna (prepared for 2-3 hours).
  • When renting separately: 1 room – 50 €

Campsite camper van

  • Camper van – 55 € (up to 4 people can sleep there) camper is equipped with electricity, water, mini fridge and washroom.

Renting the whole campsite

  • From 150 to 2000 persons, when ordering the whole campsite. The price is negotiable.
  • When ordering the campsite for up to 150 persons, the price is 1700 €/night

When staying in tents

Camping fee when staying in tents is 6 € for a person/night, when you are renting the kayaks, camping fee is 4 € for a person/night.

Authentic barn

A separate house near the campsite: without electricity and water supply, but with an outdoor washroom, situated near the river. The price is negotiable.

Price for renting the farmstead after the end of the season (from October to May):

Renting only 1 room of the house to accommodate up to 8 persons.

Renting the house of the campsite – 270 €, the price includes 1 room with 4 double beds and a sauna with an area near the sauna for the whole evening.

The price includes:

  • Bedsheets in the rooms
  • Car parking lot
  • Sports grounds (volleyball, football and basketball board)
  • The group is assigned an arbour with a fireplace

Additional fee:

  • Sauna: 50 €/2 hours.
  • Sauna: with an area near the sauna for the whole evening: 150 €/3 hours
  • Hot tub: 50 €/3 hours.
  • Large outdoor arbour with multifunctional stove and electricity for up to 40 persons: 20 €/night
  • Renting double kayaks: from 20 €/day during the season and from 18 €/day after the end of the season
  • Price for catering: from 3 €/person
  • A sack of firewood: 5 €
  • Archery: 40 €/1.5 hours
  • Shooting with a pneumatic gun: 40 €/1.5 hours/250 bullets
  • Orientation competitions: from 300 €

Paid entertainment, provided by our partners:

  • Seasonal hunt €

Note: all of the prices are indicated without VAT

We will take care of a campsite rent and your pleasant stay:

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