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Large events

Spacious territory of Zalensai Environment and Recreation Valley is perfect for organising huge celebrations, company events and various rallies. In case there is a need, it is possible to rent all of the farmsteads at the same time, as they are very conveniently situated close to each other. Celebration in an open air can take place in a unique May Outing Valley or the territory of Campsite Dubysa. All of this will allow enjoying an exceptional beauty of nature. During the season, there is a possibility to organise the events for as much as 3000 people.

For large gatherings of people, you can choose May Outing Valley of amphitheatre layout, hosting up to one thousand people or the territory of Campsite Dubysa. During the season, the spacious campsite is suitable for organising especially large events. They are suitable for up to 2000 people. Arbours situated in this territory can seat up to 100 persons.

May Outing Valley will be perfect for calendar and other celebrations as well as live concerts. Natural amphitheatre, surrounded by nature, excellent acoustics and hundreds of seats will host a large group of vacationers. For the convenience of our guests, they can also choose all of the farmsteads in the Zalensai Entertainment and Recreation Valley.

  • Large spaces under the open sky
  • Convenient layout of the homestead
  • Surrounded by nature
  • Outdoor arbours and fireplaces.
  • Applicable for large events: concerts, company celebrations and rallies.
  • Sports grounds: for volleyball, basketball and football.
  Zalensai Farmstead Pas Pinčiuką Yard of Crafts Campsite Dubysa
Places to stay up to 80 person up to 35 person up to 22 person up to 20 person in the premises
up to 2000 person in the tents
Places without stay up to 120 person up to 35 person up to 30 person up to 2000 person
Price for renting the farmstead from from 1000 € from 800 € from 600 € House from 140 €
Camping from 3 €/person
Catering from from 15 €/person from 15 €/person from 15 €/person from 15 €/person
Beds 29 double / 28 single 11 double / 14 single 6 double / 10 single 8 double / 4 single
Washrooms 19 10 14 5
Showers 16 8 10 3
Sound system (non-professional)        
Jacuzzi 100 €/3 hours - 100 €/3 hours -
Sauna 100 €/3 hours 100 €/3 hours 100 €/3 hours 60 €/2 hours
Hot tub - 100 €/3 hours - 50 €/3 hours
Sports grounds basketball / volleyball - - volleyball / football / basketball
Farmstead on the river shore -   -  
Large outdoor arbour with a fireplace Up to 100 people Up to 20 people - Up to 40 people
Large arbour without fireplace - - - Up to 20 people
Small outdoor arbour with a fireplace Up to 10 people - - -
Small outdoor arbour without fireplace - - - 3 pc. / up to 28 people
Area designated for a fireplace -   - 3 places
The hall contains a fireplace     - -
Car parking lot        

For the festivities, up to 1000 people - May Outing Valley

Holds up to 1000 people/ 500 people may sit down 
Stage, fire camp place, parking lot. 
Big and small arbours without a fireplace, 2 units / holds up to 100 people 
WC: 3 units

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